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Dead Man's Gold: Submission Guidelines

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Red Polka Books invites short stories and flash fiction submissions for its "DEAD MAN'S GOLD" - an anthology of Treasure Hunting stories.

Submissions are invited from authors around the world for publication in this anthology (Expected release: November 2023. To be available in illustrated paperbacks as well as Epubs). The final date of submissions is October 10, 2023

Choose any of the following writing prompts below or, if you've got something more interesting up your sleeve, feel free to write your own:

  • After inheriting an old, dilapidated mansion from a distant relative, a young woman discovers a series of cryptic clues that hint at the location of a hidden treasure once owned by the mansion's eccentric former owner.

  • A historian stumbles upon a forgotten diary of a notorious pirate captain. The diary contains intricate maps and riddles leading to the whereabouts of the pirate's vast treasure hoard, rumored to be cursed.

  • When a struggling musician inherits an antique violin from their deceased grandfather, they notice strange markings and hidden compartments within the instrument. Uncovering a note revealing a connection to a lost treasure, the musician embarks on an unforgettable quest for gold

  • A group of friends discovers a forgotten town that was abandoned decades ago due to a gold rush gone awry. They soon realize the ghostly inhabitants of the town have been guarding a hidden treasure

  • A struggling art restorer receives a mysterious painting as a bequest from a deceased artist. Upon close examination, they find faint engravings beneath the layers of paint, hinting at a concealed masterpiece and the location of a valuable gemstone.

  • In a small village, a linguist stumbles upon an old journal written by a deceased cryptographer. The journal contains a collection of intricate codes and ciphers believed to lead to an elusive treasure.


Short Stories: (between 1000-7500 words) Send no more than ONE short story per submission.

Flash Fiction: (between 100-1000 words) Send no more than TWO flash fictions per submission.


Translations are welcome (Submission of translated works must be accompanied by a statement declaring that the translator has obtained the author’s permission and their publisher’s, if required.)

Simultaneous Submissions are welcome but the author must inform us by e-mail as soon as the submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Pieces cannot be withdrawn once Red Polka Books informs the author of its acceptance for publication.

We consider reprints but generally do not publish them unless they are really great.

There are No Reading or Publication Fees.

At present, we cannot offer our authors any monetary honorarium for their stories.

Each author shall get a Complimentary Digital Copy of the anthology when it publishes

Red Polka Books uses non exclusive rights to publish in its anthologies and website. Authors are free to republish their work anywhere else once it has been published.


Manuscripts should be sent to

Please write "Submission for DEAD MAN'S GOLD" in the subject line of your e-mail

Please submit your files in the following formats: .doc /.docx /.txt. DO NOT submit PDFs.


Please submit only original pieces. Red Polka Books or the editor/s of the anthology shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of copyright infringement.

Each piece MUST be attached with a short bio of the author, preferably within 50-100 words.

If possible, please send an author's photograph for publication with the bio as well.

NOTE: We typically reply within a month after receiving submissions.

A significant portion of sales from all Red Polka books goes towards the care and upkeepment of street animals in Kolkata, India

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