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Submissions open for QUARANTINE

Updated: Feb 21, 2023


Red Polka Books invites submissions for its second anthology - "QUARANTINE - Dark Lockdown Lores" Anthology of Pandemic-themed dark fictions.

Submissions are invited from authors around the world for publication in our anthology (Expected release: April 2023. To be available in illustrated paperbacks as well as Epubs). The extended date of submission is February 28, 2023

Feel free to choose any of the following writing prompts below or, if you've got something more interesting up your sleeve, write your own:

- Struck with a milder version of the killer coronavirus, a teenage girl is quarantined in her room. She develops a habit of spying on the neighbourhood with the telephoto lens of her camera, when she witnesses something next door that chills her to the bone.

- Minutes after taking the second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, the man started to writhe and foam at the mouth before dropping dead. Forensics determined that the vaccine vial had been poisoned by someone. Who would want to kill him?

- Men in hazmat suits took away his infected wife, who died in the hospital and was cremated before he could see her one last time. His wife wanted to see him one last time too, and came back from the dead at the stroke of midnight.

- The pandemic has hit most careers, including serial killing. How will the killer fulfill his psychological depravity when the quarantine has forced everyone to remain cooped up inside their home?


Short Story: (between 1500-7000 words) Send no more than ONE short story per submission.

Flash Fiction: (between 100-1500 words) Send no more than TWO flash fictions per submission.


Translations are welcome (Submission of translated works must be accompanied by a statement declaring that the translator has obtained the author’s permission and their publisher’s, if required.)

Simultaneous Submissions are welcome but the author must inform us by e-mail as soon as the submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Pieces cannot be withdrawn once Red Polka Books informs the author of its acceptance for publication.

We consider reprints but generally do not publish them unless they are exceptional.

There are No Reading or Publication Fees.

At present, we cannot offer our authors any monetary honorarium for their stories.

Each author shall get a Complimentary Digital Copy of the anthology when it publishes

Red Polka Books uses non exclusive rights to publish in its anthologies and website. Authors are free to republish their work anywhere else once it has been published.


Manuscripts should be sent to

Please write "Submission for QUARANTINE" in the subject line of your e-mail

Please submit your files in the following formats: .doc /.docx /.txt. DO NOT submit PDFs.


Please submit only original pieces. Red Polka Books or the editor/s of the anthology shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of copyright infringement.

Each piece MUST be attached with a short bio of the author, preferably within 50-100 words.

NOTE: We typically reply within a month after receiving submissions.

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